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  • I have a problem. My game world is created with 16 x 16 tiles and I use letterbox scale on project. In C2 world looks ok but when I export the project (node-webkit), run application under windows and resize game window manually I can see a small (1 pixel) void between tiles in gameworld. Do you know where could be the problem?



  • I also noticed the same happens where two tiled backgrounds meet. There is a small 1 pixel line distinctly seen on project run. Even in C2. I use 16x16 tiles and snap to grid show grid tools.


  • I replaced one tiled back with sprites and it seems to work nicely. Still having some inter-tile connection problems where a line around tiles can be seen upon game window resize. (640-480 + letterbox scale)



  • Have you checked your origin and image points for each sprite? Also check the size of the tiled images?

    Otherwise, it's a problem with C2 and I can only think of 2 solutions.

    1) Make the tiled images 1 pixel taller and wider, then overlap them. If you make the grid width and height 1 pixel smaller than the tiles, C2 will overlap the sprites for you if you have "snap to grid" enabled.

    2) Add a tiled background behind the sprites so that the gap blends and isn't as obvious.

  • thx. I will look into it and check image points.

    About 1 pixel larger tiles. Lets say I'm a fan of elegant solutions <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />



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  • ok all my problems and questions got resolved with 1.52 update. The topic of "seams" was allready discussed in forums. Sorry for double posting.

    Thx Ashley for updates and explanations under Tilemap object manual entry!


    p.s. it doesnt get more elegant than this ;)

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