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  • Hi

    Ive done my grapichs for screen 480x960

    BUT how do I use this to scale it down

    windowWidth / 2 and windowHeight / 2



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  • Try using the 'set layer scale' action.

  • HI

    Yes I see that I can set the layer scale

    but wonder if there is another way..

    I mean shouldnt I first somehow detect the mobile screen size

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  • I think most mobile screens use a similar standard... Look up the tutorial for creating mobile games with Construct.

  • thanks but there a quite a difference in screen sizes

    in the tutorial it stops when coming to that issue:


    This makes your app take up the entire screen, no matter how big it is, rather than using a fixed size.

    Now, you'll need to set up some events to reposition and resize objects depending on the size of the screen. You can get the current size of the screen with the WindowWidth and WindowHeight system expressions. We'll leave this down to you. It will take some tweaking and testing. We're hoping to add some features to make this step easier in future - we'll update this tutorial once they're available! In the mean time, you'll have to make some events to handle this yourself. """"

    So if anyone have a Idear in how to use WindowWidth and WindowHeight

    please let me know



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