How do I Scale my Game

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  • I used the tutorial taught this page here:

    ( just put http:// in front)

    (By the way very good tips on various issues)

    The instructions were these:

    "*Firstly, Sep. your project window size to: 640, 960 (640px wide by 960px in height)

    *Set in fullscreen browser mode to scale: Scale outer (Please note with outer scale, make sure any off canvas objects / sprites are far away from the edges or They Could be visible on larger screens)

    *Set to orientations: Portrait

    *Set Unbounded scrolling on all layers to: Yes

    *Set layer to all sizes: 640, 960 (same as project window size) "

    Unfortunately, when it test in Intel XDK emulator, I have white edges on the top or side of my game. Depending of the phone model, they changed position, did not understand exactly why.

    Any tips on how I can make the scale of my game correctly? Obviously it will be in Portrait.

  • That 'tutorial' was rather brief but ok as an introduction. Try searching for "scale my game" in the tutorials section of this website instead. There are loads of tutorials there that will help - but reading is only part of the process, get in there and play around with various settings and see what they do and how they do it. Also search the manual for "scale" and see what comes up...

    White edges implies that your background does not fill for the scale mode and aspect ratio you have selected.

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  • Well is explicit that the tutorial is just an indication of how to do this correctly, but my intention of asking this question was to better understand exactly what I should do next and why with this walkthrough does not come to a similar result.

    In your opinion, what should I do besides what was mentioned? (Ps: I'm looking for some more reading about, and testing.)

  • My best advice is to roll your sleeves up and experiment with some of the tutorial examples - reading will only give you 50% understanding at best, IMO. At some point you've got to start learning to take control of C2 and understand what it's doing for you and what you have to ask it to do for you - because it is very flexible and powerful but it's not able to read your mind.

    Regarding the white bars - just make your background bigger so all aspect ratios are covered - I normally use a tiled background that is sized way bigger than the planned screen size so that, when the aspect ratio is changed, none of the background's edges are visible.

  • What Colludium wrote should work. Also you could add something like this on start of layout set tiledBG position to "viewportLeft", "ViewportTop" and size to "viewportRight', "viewportDown" - this will make sure that every time you start a game, tiled background will be positioned and sized to cover entire screen.

  • I think this part is what most complicates me to keep this aspect of the game that created no matter the device. Well, I'll try all the tips and if anybody else wants to bring something for topic that is related to, the suggestion will be very welcome. Colludium, you are helping me in all my topics, just my hero XD.

    And thanks too shinkan, can share any other tip for this? ^^

  • shinkan, could you explain better this part of set the size of background? ^^

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