Saving/Sorting Global Variables into Array (as High Score) ?

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  • My game has player's name, levels, points and lives and they are all global variables. I want to create a high score table based on those information.

    Does anyone have example of how to save global variables into array? and how to sort them (if a new high score is lower than top score but higher than the rest of scores) ?

    I am not very familiar with arrays.

    Attached is a picture of my high score setup (5 slots, in the example, the game is only 3 times played, so 2 are left blank)

  • Anyone? a little help?

  • I'll be working on this with someone who can code for my own game tomorrow. If I can find a way I'll let you know.

    But if anyone already knows and can save me some work, that'd be great too.

    Edit: Keep an eye on this post too

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  • Mathijs90


    I figured the sorting part now. I'm not yet trying the "play game, die in game, save the scores, etc." but I'm setting values directly and sorting it via key presses. I meant that I have made some progress.

    I have to stop now because I'm going out.

    I'll try the "saving and sorting scores after dying" part later on. I'll update this if I succeeded.

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