Saving and Loading Makes Sprites/Layers Disappear?

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  • I'm trying to implement saving and loading in my game. I can save and load just fine with the built-in "Save game to slot", but when I go to start a new game outside of that save, my main game layout is missing the majority of its sprites which have their own layer.

    That layer seems to be the only thing affected. I've checked to make sure there is no piece of code that changes the opacity or visibility of that layer or those sprites. In fact, I can still interact with those sprites, I just can't see them. I've tried making actions that set the visibility to visible and the opacity to 100% to make sure that wasn't the issue, but I still can't see the objects.

    This only occurred when I added save and load functionality in its most barebones form. I've tried to implement an action that saves over the current state to start a new game, but the layer/sprites are still not visible.

    Is this a common problem? The most obvious solution to me is to have an action to reset the game and clear the save data, but I don't see how I can do that anywhere.

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  • Going to go ahead and give this a bump in case someone has an answer.

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