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  • KaMiZoTo

    of course i dont mind man :]

    i still figuring out how dictionaries work but they pretty much do the same thing as variables, but you actually can organize it better because as a separated file you can download it as you load the game

    so what you have to do is put a dictionary on the bonus or in the character and give it a default key value, lets say if the player have the bonus then the value is 1, if dont then is 0.

    you can make the same thing with a global var to check if the player have or not the bonus so you can make the bonus desappear in the game map, but probrably you have to make a event to store the data and call it on load; i think with a dictionay you can do that

    maybe the manual explain it better than me, my engrish is terrible:

  • valdarko Well I can't add a dictionary to an object. It's not a behavior, it's a project object. I don't know how to use the dictionary to say something like :"Hey, you see that instance bonus I've just collide with? Please remember it to destroy it next time.".

    I can do it with a global but I will have to do so many events for that. :(

    The Save/load feature is interesting for that work. BUT as it remembers quite everything, I discovered very strange ingame behaviors when I update my level design or include new objetcs. That can be a real issue for patching the game. And I still havedifficulties to autorize a modification in the main title options without overwriting it because of the state load on another layout.

    So I'm a little scared about that state save and if there's a alternative other than globals, that could be cool. :)

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  • KaMiZoTo

    to add a dictionary to a object you have to make that object a container

    i dont know really if this gonna work since i have not tested, but i think the issue is to make the information be saved and load properly. maybe some one more experienced can answer this one, i want to know how to make a good save/load too

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