Save to disk using node-webkit

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  • Ashley having the saves go to the game's location is very useful, it's the standard practice for games. It means that we don't have to teach our users how to go to: "C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Roaming\Documents\Programs\Features\Gardening\Knitwear\Publisher\Developer\GameName\Sausages\X34265"

    they can just go to the game's folder where saves are usually kept in normal games.

    nothaseo Have you been able to do it yet?

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  • If you want to use build in "save game" you should be able to use Node-Webkit "Write file" on System "On save complete"

    Path = NodeWebkit.AppFolder&"Saved games/"&"Save 1"
    Content = SaveStateJSON[/code:36veh34j]
    To load you can use "System Load game from JSON string"
    [code:36veh34j]NodeWebkit.ReadFile(NodeWebkit.AppFolder&"Saved games/"&"Save 1")[/code:36veh34j]
    Edit 2: Note that the "Saved games" folder needs to exist or you can check if the folder exists and create one if not.
    Edit 2134515: Original post was a bit old wasn't it :/
  • Thanks a lot for this CAPX Katala, it will be very useful for Steam cloud saving feature : )

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