Sanity check: Am I doing quests correctly?

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  • I'm creating an RPG-type game where NPCs can give you quests. These can be concurrent quests and before I start creating hundreds in my game, I want to check if I'm doing it in the most efficient way.

    Here's a screenshot of the most important events:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    So what you're seeing here is a small part of the game. There's separate event sheets to control movement, baddies & other stuff.

    What happens is if the player collides with the "interact" object (of which there will eventually be many, but currently only one) it will show some dialogue, then clicking the "accept" button will set the quest as the active quest.

    I've got functions in there for hiding and showing dialogue. Hide is obvious, but "ShowDialogue" passes the NPCs dialogue as a function param. Is this sensible?

    Is there a better way of doing what I'm doing? I feel like I might be re-inventing the wheel here. Have any of you guys created an RPG with dialogue and quests? Did you do something similar?

  • BTW here's the capx -

    You'll notice I'm trying to create a GTA-type game, where you can press "E" to get into a car and drive it around. Click with the mouse to move the player, and walk over to the NPC "Scott Chegg" to get his dialogue.

    Please completely ignore the graphics! I've put no effort into them at the moment.

  • Here's an updated capx I worked on yesterday.

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  • I'll have to quote Ashley here and link you to Optimization - Don't waste your time.

    Basically as long as it works, it's fine.

    The game uses 10% of the time doing logic and 90% rendering it on the screen, so any logic you change won't affect your framerates unless you're doing something really stupid.(like checking for 500,000 colission checks a second).

    The only thing I could input is that you remove the "On Colission" and rather replace it with like

    "Is object closer than 50px from object"

    and then "Trigger once".

    It's always best to avoid Collision checks unless absolutely needed.

  • Ahh that's great advice, thanks I do find myself getting caught up a lot in which way is best, and didn't want to waste time creating hundreds of quests one way, and then changing them later! But you're right, as long as it works, who really cares? ;-)

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