How do I: RPG with changeable clothing colors

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  • The RPG I'm designing will have various items the user can equip. The player will be able to see the changes on his physical person in game, be it clothing or armor or weaponry.

    I have an idea about how to do this, but I want to make as quick work of it as possible, so I was playing around and noticed "Adjust HSL". Would this allow me to, for example, create a glove animation using a black and white color, then depending on the properties of the item being made, give it a value to change the hue of the player's character's physical equipment? I know already I'll have to use various layers or z-order it properly because I'll have a number of equipable things.

    Now my other option would be Spriter. Is it possible to individually change a sprite being used by the Spriter plugin during runtime in C2? That would make things much easier I think.

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  • Bump. I am very interested in this, type in fassFlash if it's solved.

  • Adjust HSL won't work with a grayscale image - it requires some colour data to work with. But, yes, you've got the idea down.

  • roracle Spriter has some new upcoming features that are about exactly what you are looking for. See their latest video (on youtube) and the companion Demo. Some of the features demoed aren't yet available but C2 will be the first platform to support them.. I hope soon.

  • I really like what they are doing. However I still have a question. Because inventory will be expandable in my game, and items aren't associated with colors, because users will be able to color anything (within reason of still being appealing in the game world) any color they want.

    GeometriX you mentioned a grey-scale image without colors to work with. What if I had one animation in a grey-scale sprite set aside as a 16x16 image holding the 256 colors I need? Would that be able to trigger the HSL feature, and would that method work with Spriter imports as well?

  • Bumping if anyone knows the answer to the "color" questions?

  • roracle did you ever figure out how to do this?

  • If you cant use sprites to change colours maybe use canvas object?

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