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  • Hi. I am very new to Construct and need my object to rotate and move forward along with the mouse / touch.

    This is a maze game and the object needs to move in any direction the mouse or finger directs it.

    The game is started by clicking a start button. Thereafter the object should only begin moving when mouse or finger movement is detected.But this is not happening.As soon as I click start the object flips and causes collission.

    I have read many posts and watched tuts etc but can't seem to solve this. Another problem is when the movement or rotation is slow the object sort of wiggles around in any direction and eventually flips to the left or right causing collission.

    My aim is for the object to accelerate as the player increases drag of mouse or finger and then also when mouse is still the object should stop and keep in position it was before it came to a standstil

    I have been struggling with this for days and am now totally confused

    I used setAngle towards mouse.X and mouse.Y together with the move forward function.

    Hoping for any advice or even an example of something similar


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