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  • Hello, how can i do the roll or dash move with bullet behavior object in Construct 2?

    Here i have my little prototype with simple double-click character teleporting to cordinates of mouse

    How it works:

    My "solution" allows to jump through walls & etc, and this is problem, so:

    How to do the non-cheating and more smoothly moving of character to the mouse coordinates on double-click?

    (Like roll in HotlineMiami2 or something like this)

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  • I'm not really sure what you'd like the character to do on click..

    Set position will set position instantly..

    If you only want the character to in the direction of the position you could set the destination x and y coordinate and set the angle of the character towards it..

    If you want the character to find a way to the position you could try the pathfinding behaviour..

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