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  • Just looking for suggestions here. I am building a game where the main object will be bounced back and forth between players/ platform characters trying to hit each other. Sort of like a contact Tennis if you will. My questions is - Would you recommend using physics for the ball and the "swipe/swing/different attacks" that will bounce the ball back or would you say use solid objects?

    I'm currently using solid objects and the "Bounce off objects" option for the ball. When you "attack" it plays the attack animation and spawns an arcing "swipe" in front of your character that hits the ball and sends it in the other direction. But its not always accurate as to where it hits the ball as it is sometimes inside the swipe object and does some odd things. Or you hit the ball with the back of the swipe object and its sends the ball right into you.

    Is there a smarter way to do the collisions? Would Physics make it more realistic/ work better?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Bump. Any thoughts or suggestions on this anyone?

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  • If you share capx, I could have a look at it.

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