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  • ok my layout is 2048,1024

    top 512 has my background

    bottom 512 touch controls

    if I made my levels layouts 1024,512

    can I still attain the same results:

    256 top background

    256 bottom touch conrols

    I don't want my images to become all squishy looking, Ok I think I can do it i'm currently making all of my backgrounds (1024,512)

    I think that will be the best optimal rez in my situation.


    Can someone give me there advise on choice of image format im using .png

    it doesn't appear to compress the image at all, just ask's to interlace or not.

    I choose not. I'm still NEW to photoshop and all I need to know right now at this point is best image format I will google it and search forum but if someone can give there personal pref's i'd be very grateful

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  • Image compression, you can read about in this article.

    The green stuff in my previous answers are links.

    When you click on them it takes you to a new page where informations in relation to your questions are given.

    Going to those pages and reading them generaly helps you answering your questions.

    It all depends on what phones you wish to develop for.

    iphone 3gs - 320x480

    iphone 4, 4s - 640x960

    ipad, ipad2 - 1024x768.

    mage export formats

    There are three image formats you can choose from the Image Format dialog: PNG-32 (true color PNG), PNG-8 (256-color PNG) and JPEG (for photographic type images). That's roughly in order of largest to smallest file size too (PNG-32 is usually largest and JPEG usually smallest).

    All images in the project folder are stored as PNG-32

    So it doesn't matter what format you input to C2, it stores it for you and allow you to compress it on export.

    o on export, images are converted from PNG-32 to a different format if you've changed the image format anywhere. If they're still set to export to PNG-32 and you have enabled PNG recompression in the Export Project dialog, some other interesting things happen to make sure they're as small as possible. These are described a bit later.

    Read the rest on the blog article already linked earlier.

  • wow my game with thre levels is 12mbs after brute and compress 7zip ulrat awsome 6 levels it is.

    thanks for all of your help, set backgounds to jpg medium, and png's to 8bits

    I dicovered some easy ways of moving the images

    like if I want my resized background of 1024,256 to be at center I just type in position 0,0 so easy and same goes for everything else to an extent.

    I'm going on break soon from this untill ME3 comes out and I beat it and my head explodes from PURE AWSOME EPIC THOR Juice


    the resolution of an Iphone doesn't have to be that resolution does it?

    because I'm quite fine with 1024,512 layout

    it all fits neatly on my momz early gen samsung android

    with odd stutter still but gone after a playthrough.

    I don't know if it was sayed in the tut about multiple screen sizes I didn't see it atleast thx in advance.

    -----Also if that is tha max limit then....------ I could just make it for Ipad? but that will suck if they have that limit it fits?

    I don't own an Iphone yet so I don't really know anything about them to be honest. pure PC guy. lol

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