How do I Restrict movement per turn.

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  • I'm working on a turn-based game as a project and I want to allow movement, but to restrict how much movement a character makes per turn. I plan to use a sprite to highlight the area the player is allowed to move during their turn, but I'm not sure how to make sure the character avatar doesn't move past the highlighted area during their turn.

  • Without showing how your movement system is set up, it will be difficult to get a specific answer.

    The min() expression may be of use. min(maxdistance, selecteddistance) would return the smaller of the two values - either the maximum distance they are allowed to move, or the selected distance that the player would want to move.

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  • Sorry for not having a picture up sooner.

    Testing this out in the top down shooter template for now until I'm sure I've got it. So anyways. I've tested it to know that I've got the switching turns thing done correctly, now how do I restrict the player's movement distance?

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