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  • zsangerous

    Videotape my problem, I just get out and run your layout capx


    <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • zsangerous

    does not happen to you?

  • zsangerous help me pleasee saw the video?

  • cesarzevil ^^ ok with video i understood what you need XD sorry i went way differant thing hehehe :P

    by the way the problem worked here too but i have tried something and solved it :

    in "World events" , in the event number 8 , re-order the action and make them like this :

    action1: set currentlevel to levelsbutton.level

    action2: go to layout "level"&currentlevel+1

    if you changed this order it will make some problems ^^ thanks for the video

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  • zsangerous

    Thank you very much worked. There is one event sheets for all levels, you can make a event for all levels? Or is it better to have a same event for all levels?

    Thank you for all the help, I owe you one <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • ok , i really don't know why you didn't like my tutorial o.o what is the point that you didn't understand it?? anyway when i saw your capx there are many weird stuffs for example when i win it just open the next level but it doesn't fix the button it doesn't show you got 1 star or 2 and so on ... also you used frames and useless variables like Layout variable. and even worst the unlock levels has names 0.0 so i fixed all of them i wish you like it but please try to read the whole tutorial before you ask even try to see what i'm talking in the tutorial (download my capx)

    ok you can just use this as just 3 levels on it ^^


    i hope you like it , good luck in your game :)

    First, thanks for your great example, works fine. But how can I save the state of the levels after closing the game (app)?

  • cesarzevil , sorry dude i couldn't understand you maybe because mine and your english are really weak XD but follow these steps to fix all your problems !!!!

    1- open your game and change the array name to levels

    2- put the plugin webstorage in your game .

    3- download this :


    4- open the file in "step 3" and copy the event number 3 in event sheet name " World events " and paste it in your game eventsheet that has levels and the condition is : system : on start of layout

    5-on the same file copy the event number 5 in event sheet name " levels events " and paste it in your game on the winning condition like if you hit the gate it will win this put it in that event...

    i hope you understood this ^^ and ill put this post link in the tutorial if you understood just give me a replay ^^

    Thanks for this great tutorial, but I have a problem with the loading/saving of the progress.

    I use cocoonJS to create a android app. If I play my levels and close the game it will show the leves progress right, but if I click on the last unlocked level it start from the first one and not from the last one.

    Can you help me?


  • yeah, i would like to know too.. What AndreasR asked :D

  • How do i make it so the player can go back to a level that was already played?

  • to this :


         condition1:mouse left clicked on button

         condition2:value at levelsbutton.level>0

         action1: system :go to (by name) ---> and write this : "LVL"&levelsbutton this mean it will take you to layouts with names :LVL1,LVL2,LVL3... so name your layout as this..

         action2: set currentlevel to levelsbutton.level

    *so just change action1 and layout names.

    when i try it construct2 says "levelsbutton needs an expression after it" what can i do

    or maybe some one can explayn me how i can do it

    i want levelbutton 1 go to(layout) lvl 1 und 2 to lvl 2 und so ... 3to lvl3 4to lvl4

    im new at this...

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