How do I resize the whole game from HD to SD?

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  • Hello, I'm making a game and I already reach 600mb of memory used for only 200 events, how is it possible?

    Approximative download size: 62mb.

    I paid attention on the events such as "every tick" or loops, I desabled all "collision" and all my sprites couldn't be lighter. Also all sprite going outsite the layout are destroyed, I don't use any effect and physics is very low (like 2% used). When I launch the game it only use a maximum of 12% UC (I have a 2,9Ghertz), it never lag, so where do the 600 come from?

    The game works on a HD layout, so basically 4x "bigger" than SD (if it works like photography). I have the feeling that's the problem

    What I don't understand is how it could need more memory if the images size are very low (max 80kb), I suppose a big picture of white take more time to load than a smaller one of the same weight? I didn't know that, is it correct?

    Do you think I can reach 150mo if I put my layout to SD? How to do that? Is it possible? Do I forget something important?

    Also when I render the game with node-webkit it doesn't take 600mb but 1200mb, the application seems to start 2 times, but both are working because when I cancel one of them the game crash. Is it normal or I must re-instal?

    Thank you for you help please

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  • It's likely you have too many large images, by dimensions instead of size on disk. Images are uncompressed when they're loaded into memory, so you can have a 1024x1024 image that's 10KB as a PNG, but when uncompressed and loaded into memory, that image will be 4MB.

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