How do I reproduce games like Tir Na Nog or Dun Darach?

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  • Showing my age a bit here, but when I was a nipper I was obsessed by the old adventure games by gargoyle software and was wondering if it would be relatively simple to reproduce a similar game in C2.

    Heres the type of thing I'm thinking about:

    As you can see the maps scroll left and right around the central character and the player can also rotate the view around the compass points. Theres no scaling or psuedo 3d involved.

    I expect the maps would need to be defined in at least one external file, I've done some scouting on the net and even disassembled the old Spectrum game but couldn't make head nor tail of 8 bit machine code.

    Someone else had a similar idea a few years back, heres his (brief) synopsis on how it's done:

    [quote:2su3army] Each map is self contained and holds all of the roads, walls and furniture. The roads are basically vectors that either run north to south or east to west, so if the camera is looking north only east-west roads are displayed. I'm going to create a unit of measurement for the map called a 'step', a step being taken by the people on screen. A road is made up of a length of steps which when translated to the screen are steps times a number of pixels.

    Now imagine a point on the map (pos_step_x & pos_step_y) with the camera pointing north; all east-west roads are scanned to see which one the point stands on. When found that road is then drawn onto the screen. If the camera is rotated then all north-south roads are scanned. If no road is found for a given view, a special sideways view of a street is drawn.

    When we are drawing a road on the screen, as well as drawing the wall it will create the road edges showing where other roads intersect. So if when viewing the east-west road, the code will check all north-south roads to see which ones intersect, if any do the road edge is drawn in such a way to show a junction.

    I had a look through Kyatric's epic list of FAQ's but couldn't find anything pertinent, has anyone got any solid ideas on how I could progress?

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