Replace tiled bg with sprites in autorunner

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  • Hi guys,

    Is there a way to replace the tiled background event/object with sprites in the autorunner example (look under new projects).

    I would like to have, instead of the one tiled background,I would like to have a little bit of variety in my autorunner's ground. I thought perhaps a sprite with several different frames, and then an event spawning random instances of those sprites one after the other, but that would take up a ton of memory, wouldn't it?



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  • It's fairly simple to do but will take a little work. Basically all you do is add a sprite to the layout and give it the same behaviors that the Block object has. Then go to the event sheet and go one by one through all the events and change anything that says block to sprite. Then after that you can safely delete the block type from the project.

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