How do I to remove it?

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    I created my first game for Android. Originaly i exported it with cordova, but it was really slow, so i added a new version based in Cocoonjs to be more fluent to my game, but i have a problem that i cannot resolve:

    There appears vertical lines:

    (Is a tiled background)

    Any idea how can i remove it?

    It only appears when i export to Cocoonjs for Ludei. On crosswalk all is ok (well, not the FPS...).


    i take advantage of this question to promote the game. You can find it on: ... artrunning

    I hope you like it. I know it is not perfect (especially since not work well on Cocoonjs), but it is my first game.

    The scenary changes every 2-5 levels.

    I you like it, most grateful 5 stars <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Thank u! and sorry for my english!

  • Hi,

    On your other post about the same subject , you didn't answer if the crop function gave a change.

  • Hello MadSpy!

    No, no changes.

    I´m doing upgrades all weeks fixing bugs, adding things,etc.

    But i can not fix that bug!

    Is it only me? anyone else have the same problem exporting to cocoonjs?

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  • Are you using pixel rounding?

    Are the original positions of the backgrounds at exact pixel-positions?

    Are there no (semi)transparent pixels at the edges of the backgrounds?

    I haven't had this issue before, so these are the first things I would check..

  • I got this on any tiled background scrolling. For me it was because on a tile I used the eraser on the top to create curves. If I drew the tile with the brush not drawing on the top part and not erasing curves it was perfect, no lines flickering on scroll. May be same for yours or for at least some people.

    Edit update, it was because I filled I the whole tile with different colours that fixed it. If you leave the top part blank transparent that caused my issue. Filling the whole tile is working ok.

  • Thank you all!

    I gonna try it!

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