how i can register special arrow keys

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  • Hello Guys,

    I bought a source code made by Construct 2 , i publish this source in tizen device but i have a problem with hard key register for movment in game,

    i should add this code manually but i dont know how i can find right and left arrows events and how i should do it. anyone can help me to resolve this problem?

    Thank you so much for reading my request.

    document.addEventListener("rotarydetent", function(event){
     if (event.detail.direction === "CW") { 
    //put right event
     } else { 
    // put  left event
     }, false);
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  • I would love to know how to link Construct 2 events to the RotaryDetent for the Samsung Gear S2.

    I really like the rotary bezel controls for the Samsung Gear S2/3 and I think it's a great interface option, but there's no documentation in how I could do this.

    Samsung really isn't putting enough energy behind this. Let me know if you have this figured out.

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