How do I to Make a Reflection in the water?

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  • Hello Everybody!, I have long wanted to make an effect on water like this

    I have already tried several times but I can not find the way, try the paster plugin but it does not reflect it properly, so I would like you to help me do it thanks.

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  • This is just a test I done with paster before, does it help you in any way or is there some other effect you are trying to get

  • He!

    I am the "if it looks stupid but it works it's not stupid"- kinda guy so first of I don't know anything of how your project is set up but I would make an effect something like;

    1. Put the water on a deifferent layer underneath the grass tiles and everything else.
    2. Have the water extend out from it's parameter (because I guess you would like the reflection to start not just when the character is at the edge of the water)
    3. Check if the character is overlapping the water object
    4. If so duplicate the character, but mirrored and flipped (i assume the image point is at the bottom of the characters feet)
    5. and change the oppacity...

    Then If you no longer overlap with the water destroy the duplicate character...

    Now I haven't tested this and there might be waaaaay better solutions but something along those lines would be my firt attempt

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