How do I reduce size of apk?(Intel XDK)

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  • OK so am using Intel XDK(updated) and my Construct 2 exported folder its only 3.61 MB.And after Intel XDK its about 22 mb(THATS FINE TO ME its not that large its on place).But after i install it on my android device its freaking 60MB.

    And project contains of 3 sprites few global variables,layouts....and its rly simple.

    Am i missing something?Some setting or smthing.

    I am exporting for 4.0+ crosswalk for android from C2.

    Any tips for reducing size?

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  • An APK (and an IPA and APX, etc.) is a ZIP file. The Crosswalk library is about 18-20MB in size (compressed), thus the reason your APK is about 22MB. However, when you install your app, the size on the device is the uncompressed size PLUS any local dataspace that is required by your app and the components you've included (such as Crosswalk).

    To get a better sense of how much of that is due to Crosswalk and how much is due to plugins and your code, build the app without Crosswalk and compare the install results.

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