How do I reduce my game's size?

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  • So for now there is no exact solution to this problem? Well, thank you all for the answers anyway.

  • We all have this same problem

    Apk: crosswalk 17Mo + c2 game 2Mo = 19Mo in the market

    When the app is started, 19Mo * 2 or more in the device memory

    Like you said, sometimes more than a 3D game

    It's a problem of Webview android component.

    All the HTML apps like Construct2 export are displaying in a the java Android webview.

    A webview is like a browser, but a very light browser. So all the complicated code (html5, Jquery..etc..) are bad or not at all understanding by the webview.

    So we need to use Crosswalk, who is a webview with a full browser.

    If your game is very simple, you can to try to import it into apk android without crosswalk, I've tried it.

    But some android devices can't open it or the performance will be bad.

    For example, the function "Load image form url" don't work well without crosswalk.

    The game is started on some devices (not all), but the images are not loaded

    With Android 5, I've read that the component Webview is better (like a full browser) but I haven't tested it.

    If it's true, when all the device will work on android 5 or more, no need to crosswalk

  • amkp yep, in android 5 it is like this as far as I saw, but you then have the issue of the auto updating webview that breaks your game, whereas with crosswalk, the version will not auto update.

    There is also the solution to post the game to the web if the auto updating is not an issue. Plus you don't take responsability for chromium specific bugs theorically, but it seems to not be a popular solution.

  • Aphrodite

    Isn't possible to configure lock option for auto-update ?

  • I tried the amkp solution, I built the app for Android without crosswalk and installed it on my Xperia Z2 with Lollipop. The results are greatly insane:

    With Crosswalk:

    Apk about 18 Mb and installed <60 Mb

    Without Crosswalk:

    Apk 417 Kb and installed 1,57 Mb

    The only flaw is the performance that worsen, too much for my physical game.

    This is really a big problem, I hope that someone in the future work on this, I'm undecided whether to continue the development of the game or not, I do not know if it is worth it..

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  • Fiammaoscura

    There is the Crosswalk project lite. ... te-10.html

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