How to reduce the black screen time before the loading layout? (mobile)

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  • After testing the same code (above) exported with C2 and then with C3 on the same mobile device, I've got the following results:

    C2: 20 seconds black screen before the default loading screen appears

    C3: less than 1 second...

    Well, first of all congrats to the Scirra team for solving the problem in C3!

    In the meantime, I'm kind of stuck with C2 on this project and that's a real problem. Is there any way to replace the black screen at least with a cool still image form the game?

    Is it possible to do this outside of Construct 2, by manipulating the exported code?

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  • It looks like it's just taking ages to initialise the engine because there are so many events. I think your best bet is to write a snippet of JavaScript that can float a loading image over the canvas until the game reaches 'On start of layout'.

  • Thanks a lot for your reply. It's an excellent news that this is possible to do!

    But I never wrote a single Javascript line in my life... ^^' Can someone help me to make that? If it implies some work on your side, send me a PM or an email to with your price.


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