Recreate location as player moves

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  • XpMonster, Don't be so glum, chum! It will take time to learn how to develop efficiently. I've been working at it for about 12 years. (2 years with Construct 2) I'm still not successful. I've taken to spending all my free time to put my skills towards BIG projects, even if they don't pay off in short term.

    You'll be fine. Ambition is good! Just be sure to understand, with great goals, comes great amount of work.

    Anyways, you can have a look at my Shareware .CAPX to see how I've done a few things. I've tried to comment on things, but I often get lost in my work.

  • Also, if things go well in the next couple of months and you need someone to help you with development, I'd be more than happy to help! Right now I'm stuck in a financial rut, but I really want to expand and start developing more. It'd be up to you obviously, but I'd gladly help you out.

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  • Thank you very much for .capx and kind words!

    Hope it can work with other my features which can be tricky sometimes.

    As I said my project is huge and sometimes I'm not sure that I can creature all things.

    If I'm successful in half of the year or so I'll start taking someone for paid work. That of course if my main work goes OK and I can afford such investment.

    Especially programmer is of my interest. So maybe your knowledge is not perfect, but it is sure as hell better than mine.

  • XpMonster, I am also a programmer, certified in a couple languages. I started developing when no-programming-required didn't exist. Started with the horrendous Blitz3d. Which, actually, doesn't seem near as bad as I remember. Especially considering it's free now! I'm gonna have to play with it for old time's sake.

    Anyways, whether you'd want to work with me is obviously a matter of time and money. I personally don't take money from anyone that doesn't offer it. If I were to work with you, it'd be free work, with credit of course.

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