How do I recreate this in Construct 2?

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  • And to get him back the other direction but I can't get the door animating working that way, no idea how you made it do what it does.

    How are we supposed to fix placing an initial spawn point? Also this seems like it would be incompatible if we put in save points.

    Well you have "Go Right" and "Go Left" for the door directions, that's ok. 0 degrees is right, 180 is left. You just need to check when the door reaches the edge of the screen. ViewportLeft(layername) gives you the x position of the left side of the screen and ViewportRight(layername) gives the right side.

    As for the initial spawn point maybe give the player an instance variable that tracks which door he came through.

    • Player has an initial door id = -1
    • Connected doors have the same id
    • Player goes through door and stores door id
    • On next layout, player is positioned next to the door with matching id, unless id = -1
    • At a save point you can set the player door id to -1

    I've never played Metroidvania so I don't know if you have multiple doors per level or what else you need.

  • [quote:2ozhi6u6]Don't move the door. Instead, make a dummy object and set its timescale to 1 at the start of layout. Then, set the game time scale to 0 at the start of a room transition, and move scroll x/y by 120 * Object.dt during a room transition. This will allow the camera to move while the game is frozen.

    Can anyone explain this to me? Maybe make a post showing the events? Trying to do this but failing.

    Here's my attempt: [attachment=0:2ozhi6u6][/attachment:2ozhi6u6]

  • Your code is wrong.

    -Set Scroll X to ITSELF + 120 * dummy.dt. You were basically setting it to 120 every tick.

    -You got the lerp() parameters mixed up: swap x and b.

    -Remove the scroll-to behavior from the dummy object.

    -Make the dummy object global.

    -Make sure both layouts are using the same event sheet. Better yet, make every layout use a "GameRoom" event sheet and "include" a room transition sheet in that one. ... ing_1.capx

    This should get you back on track.

  • [attachment=0:1ara57ms][/attachment:1ara57ms]

    Honestly I give up, I can't do this and I doubt I'm going to figure it out.

    I'm going to use either ramones version or change my game to make it stage based.

    Thanks for the help everyone?

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  • Just out of curiosity, but why don't you use magicam plugin? I believe it does this type of camera transition. Not sure though.

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