Real Time Multiplayer With Construct 2

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    Plz add me to the group as well.

    I am currently in the process of learning how to access HTML5 game by ios and windows phone..

    Since they don't support multiplayer object, I'm looking for a way around it.

  • I'm having troubles getting things specific to each user remaining seperate, like each player chooses a different character on the selection screen but they all end up looking like the same one etc..

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  • Have you switched to the Scirra multiplayer plugin ? or still using the socket stuff ??

    I made several games using varying multiplayer techniques, php, websocket,, Scirra's web rtc etc

    For me I can say the best results have been with Scirra's web rtc.

    I even combined a few techniques in some games, but the Scirra multiplayer is the core for player/player interaction.

    The only problem with Scirra's multiplayer, is that it's approach is not so obvious and straightforward as other techniques.

    You need to work out what will work best for your game mechanic.

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