How do I read a XML and create a list with a preview

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  • I have tested but I only can play the list item if the video was imported to to the project files before. Is it right?

  • Is it right?

    No.. if you export with can set path to custom folder

  • > Is it right?


    No.. if you export with can set path to custom folder

    Ok. Thank you for all your help korbaach

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  • I store information in array because I do not want to display full path to video..

    let's say you have on server something like this..

    you can use list.php to get all sub-folders and files in video folder

    function listFolderFiles($dir){
        $ffs = scandir($dir);
        foreach($ffs as $ff){
            if($ff != '.' && $ff != '..'){
               echo $ff. PHP_EOL;
             if(is_dir($dir.'/'.$ff)) listFolderFiles($dir.'/'.$ff);}}}
    so..your ajax data will look like this:
    now you can loop through data and populate array and list object..
    if you upload a new videos or delete..even sub-folders in [b]videos/video[/b] folder..
    you do not have to make any changes in php script or C2 code...

    Hello korbaach

    I'm still stuck in this demo project. I had to give up the CSV because they don't want to include the data in this file manually. I need to read the files in the folder and create a list with these files and show or play a preview when the user select the item in the list. Can I use this kind of solution that you created for this? I know the php only works in the online projects. But I can use other solution than php?

    Thanks in advanced

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