How do I read a value pushed front on Z or Y on an Array?

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  • Seems like it should work the same as the standard X, and I saw how arrays work so I don't understand?

    I'm trying to retrieve data saved to specific locations on my array but all I want it to do is read the next set of data pushed:

    on enter: set text to <ARRAYDATA.Front> but how can I read the Z or Y data as well? I want to add those values to the text that have been saved but just the most recent pushed ones. Since I can push to Z and Y I assumed there would be a way to read the last ones pushed onto those axis aswell?

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  • Hmm, I guess I have to cycle through the array and just keep using the first element of the axis I want shown? I wonder why you can directly show the .Front with only the X axis but not the others without using the For Loop function for the array.

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