How do I randomly generate sprites attached to families

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  • in my screenshot i show my randomly generated city.

    how do i set my randomly generated cornerstones and roofs to this city? ( i have 3 roofs and 3 types of corner stones)


    I set my walls to a family called fam_walls

    and then set a for each fam_walls

    create roof>roof.width = fam_walls.width

    create cornerstone_left> position = fam_walls.x, fam_walls.y > cornerstone_Left.height = fam_walls.height

    create cornerstone_right> position = fam_walls.x, fam_walls.y + fam_walls.width > cornerstone_right.height = fam_walls.height

    I also did a randomly generated number 1,4

    num = 1 >create roof_1 ...ect...ect...

    but in all honesty, its not working. The roof and cornerstones are not showing up.

    I just need theory to point me in the right direction, I don't necessarily need someone to DO IT for me. (I think)



  • Well.. no answer. That sucks. Any Ideas of where to even THINK about looking?

    to simplify for possible ideas, I'm trying to randomly pick/create a sprite and mirror it on the other side of a tile sprite.

    Thanks for looking guys.

    I appreciate the people have been just viewing to see if they can help.


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  • Any chance of providing a capx?

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