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  • Hi, I am new to Construct and have gone through a number of tutorials and loaded some examples to study.

    My question is, what is the best way to go about implementing a "Splat" effect such as a thrown tomato.

    I've tried starting out with a sprite and defining collisions, etc. When the tomato hits the target (also a sprite), I swap out and replace with a pre-drawn "Splat."

    As you can imagine it's not the final effect I'm looking for.

    Ideally It would be good to use physics and particles to create a dynamic and more realistic "Splat" effect.

    I understand the need to be mindful of performance as well.

    I'd love to hear how others would go about this. BTW, the target may or may not need to show damage, but a temporary splat would be great.

    All help is appreciated.

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  • I would either put an expanding sprite or use the particle system in construct 2 to create a splat.

    You can even make it fancy and use a frame by frame animation to play.

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