How do I make a "simple" side car game

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  • Hi Elios, opend the file right now...very very cool ...I noticed that at the end at the last pixel movement of the car the wheels are not rotating...can I make it super precise ? or is that the maximum that I can reach with that metod ?

    In any case...awesome... dude U r a genius

    thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi thanks, the only thing is that I prefer NOT to use plugins behaviours to avoid problems later....

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  • mariogamer , you could avoid using the Light behavior if you build some kind of a system that does what the Light behavior do. I think that it's a series of loops that check for collisions and overlaps but it's way out of my league to build something like that, I am really glad that rexrainbow had made that. It can be used for sooo many different things...

    Now, as for the last pixel movement, I think that that's related with the number of frames that your animation has. In my example there are just 12 frames that are been distributed in relation with the speed of the car. When the vector X is very low, there are no in-between frames to display the subtle movement. I think that if the animation had many more frames, the result would have been more accurate.

  • Thanks a lot

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