"Pathfinding" without using Pathfinding

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  • zenox98

    You mean curves with the walls? It was only made with unrotated boxes in mind at the moment.


    Updated it to work with rotated boxes. The cleanup stage to reduce the points doesn't work as well though.

    One example I was playing with is point and click adventures. i.e. walking around a curved path. Your last update with rotated boxes almost covers that although it appears that nodes are only generated for the convex path and not concave aspect of the rotated boxes. I'll need to look at your code in a bit more.

  • zenox98

    The issue is the point cleanup is overzealous. You can disable event 4 and it works.

  • There is value in tweaking the auto-generated corner nodes, so I added an editor, and the ability to load a saved node layout.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ypi54gflkh6q9 ... .capx?dl=1

    After doing it i've realized some better ways to do it, but anyways here's how to use it now:

    There is a variable gen_mode in setup that changes if the nodes will be

    0 : auto-generated or

    1: loaded from a saved list

    To use the editor you have to un-comment the action to enable the editor group in event 2.

    When the editor is active you can drag nodes around. Right click to destroy/add new nodes. Finally middle click to put the node list into a editbox that you can copy and paste in events to load later. I made two layouts and the node loading is in events 18-19. Just clone the layout to make other layouts.

  • ...and as another behaviorless example there is this:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/aondowy4ycjgl ... .capx?dl=1

    Awesome! This is something everyone could use.

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  • Very useful. Thank you R0J0hound.

    My apologies to OP for slight thread hijack. I found it very interesting (as most things from R0J0hound are generally).

    I'll leave it alone now .

  • This is definitely one of those 'Way too complex .capx files made by one of the geniuses at the Construct forums', but I think I can find something to do with it. Thanks for working on this.

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