"Flood limit exceeded"

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  • I'll reply here, better to post in the forum than privately by email.

    The signalling server is specifically designed to kick any clients that send too many messages, to prevent both intentional and unintentional DoS-type attacks, and prevent wasting server resources. For example a common mistake is to accidentally have some kind of message sent to the signalling server every tick. This wastes bandwidth and could impact the service of other users on the signalling server, so by kicking such users it forces them to correct the problem.

    Your example .capx still sends way, way too many messages to the signalling server. There is no way you need to update your game list every 500ms. The ping time could even be that high, meaning you're issuing a new request before you've even heard back from the previous one.

    You don't even need to update it every second, or 5 seconds. How about every 10 seconds?

    If this really is a problem for you and for some reason you want multiple updates per second of the game list, you can always purchase the signalling server from the store, reconfigure the flood limit, and hammer it as hard as you like. But you'll be paying all the bandwidth on that. You can't expect us to pay for servicing an unnecessarily huge number of requests.

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