Question about instance variables !

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  • Hi, i've added a local instance variable (boolean) called it selected and set it to false by default.

    In the event sheet i've made it so if clicked set selected to true


    if NOT clicked set to false

    the problem is when i want to have a condition in the event sheet:

    If Selected is true then....

    I can't find the instance variable anywhere.

    There's only compare instance variable (and it's not there in the dropdown menu)


    is boolean instance variable set..

    How to do this the right way ?

    Thankful for answers !!

    Cheers !!

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  • Is boolean instance variable set <=> "is bolean True"

    Invert this condition if you want "is bolean false"

    to invert a condition, you first create it, and then click on it, and then right click and you shall see the "invert" item with a stroke equal symbol.

    Cheers to you too o/

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