How do I put the numbers sprites in other position?

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  • Hi!

    I have a game of math operations.

    The game have 5 box, When the player hit the first box, throw a random number, the second box, throw a operator (+,-,*,/), third box throw a second number, and then appears 2 box with 2 possible solutions.

    In each hit to a box, the variable hit sums 1, and in the four hit the code decide if the last box beaten is correct or wrong, and after restart the layout and all box and variables.

    My game should to have many box, not only 5, because is a platform game that the camera follow the player movement to right, and while the player go forward, the boxes are left behind like the coins in mario bros, but after to resolve a math operation with the first 5 boxes, should to appears 5 boxes more, but my problem is that the numbers continues to appears in the first 5 boxes, and not in the next 5 boxes.

    the images (the img code not works with these links :S

    In the image i still not put the next boxes, but i tested before.

    How can i to move the numbers sprites in the position of the next boxes?

    Thanks you!!

  • i cant see the image

  • maybe in webpage source code allow to show the links, because the post dont allow.

  • Now the images is showing

  • ...after to resolve a math operation with the first 5 boxes, should to appears 5 boxes more...

    something like this?

  • yes some like that, and i use this game base to modify and create my game, you shared it to me a days ago

    You have this game more complete like in the image??, how can make some like that??

    Many Thanks!

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  • Thanks you korbaach, recently i saw the example, and i have a question. ¿When the player finish the math operation and appears the new boxes, the layout or game has to be reset or not?, If that is true, how can to continue the game and put this boxes instantly?, or other way, preestablish the boxes before in default positions?


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