How do i put the control buttons and it move with me

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  • Hey guys i wanna ask for how when i put the walking buttons or any buttons how can it move with the player not like another things that we walk and it get behind the screen so how can i do this like here "" As you can see it move with the player

    Pls help and thnx ^^

  • Hello there, If you are talking about a HUD (like the 3 hearts in the video or a score) :

    Make a new layer on top of all the others and set it's parallax to 0,0.

    Next create all the HUD related things in that layer, in this case I guess it would be the sprites of your buttons.

    Finally, select those objects and give them the behaviour "Anchor"

    I hope you find this helpful and good luck!

    PD: Any HUD related objects must be inside the margins of the window size, otherwise you wont be able to see them!

  • OMG it wokred DD thnx so so so so so so so so so much ^^

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  • And pls can you tell me how when i touch the buttons of walking (Buttons on screen "For touch screen devices") when touch the button how make him walk ?

  • Oh i know now thnx

  • No problem, happy to help!

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