How do I purchase stuff and put in inventory in order?

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  • Hi,

    I am making a purchase method, and got 2 problems:

    1、on the left side, I made all equipment in a Family named "items", when I touch each Family "items", i would like it to change animation to "OT", the first touch is good, but when I touch the second , the first one still remain the "OT" animation, how can I change it to default animation when I touch others?

    2、When I touch Family "item", the text "Buy" will show up, The second problem is how to put each item to the box on the right when I click the text "Buy" in order, which means, when the first touch I made is to buy the first item(hammer icon) on the left box, it put on the first box to the right, but if the first touch I made is to buy the second item(sword icon) on the left box, it should also put it on the first box to the right. the second buy put to the second box on the right and so on.

    I am sorry , english is not my mother language, if you got confused, please let me know, really urgent, thanks


  • Hi, I can help you for your second problem, but before putting out me on Reverso I would like to know if you were very French?

  • SowSow thanks, sorry, I do not know French, I am Chinese. If you can modify the capx file, I will understand. thanks

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  • SowSow do you have idea for my second problem? thanks

  • Yes, unfortunately I do not have time to make you a file of example thus I you go explain ^^

    I am going to take the example that when we affectan object we take him in our inventory! We are going to create a variable global named "Arrangement" for example, thus first vent " If our character affects certain object " - > the second condition - > " If Arrangement = 0 then certain object goes to the first compartment then one other action " to Add 1 to the variable Arrangement " and to make several condition on " If Arrangement = 1 " " then certain object goes to the second compartment " etc.

    Excuse I for my very very bad English: (

    I am not sure that it is the solution to your problem I do not have everything manages to translate from your text ^^

  • SowSow thanks, I will try if i can solve it through array

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