How do I pull variables from a php page?

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  • Can you give me an example? I'm think I'm getting it, but I don't know. I'm going really fast on all this. And my computer is really slow. What do you think about my layout?

  • Lol. I try and get syntax errors. Do you have the source so I can see what I'm doing wrong?

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  • What are you getting syntax errors from?

  • Can you give me an example? I'm think I'm getting it, but I don't know. I'm going really fast on all this. And my computer is really slow. What do you think about my layout?

    Example of concatenation in PHP is out of the scope of this forum (once again).

    The idea is to assemble several strings together and separate them with a "clear" marker (some character or character string that you will then look for in C2 as separator).

    Your example is only returning numbers, so I guess you could use "-" or "|".

    For C2, Text Manipulation.capx, for your learning pleasure.

    droptank21: Please read your PMs.

    edit: I forgot about your site.

    Well it is a bit empty for now, there is not much to comment about.

    I'm not too fond on the big fonts in the side menu and the contrast between black/white/hard purple is a bit harsh to me, but there it is more a matter of tastes than anything.Kyatric2011-10-12 05:11:32

  • I wasn't worried about the php part, I can do that. I was just talking about the construct part. And the link for that example is not working. All I'm getting is a blank page.

    I don't have any PMs, and I can send them either. I don't have enough rep.

    And I'm working on the colors and font for my website. Haven't decided what I want to go with yet.

    edit: The link did workl

  • The message about PMs is aimed at droptank21, not you b781rev.

    The capx should be self explanatory for the dealing within C2.

  • many people are attentive to your posts. What we expect is the following, step by step:

    1). Log in with username and pasword

    2). Is loaded into our game or level the score before playing.

    3). When finished playing, you save the data in a database.

    The potential of construc2 is to be a means to put the games on the internet and multiple people to play. To understand that we do not want to learn php or databases, but if you save and load data to and from our game construc2

    Thank you very much for your work b781rev. All my admiration and respect for you.

  • Ok, here is a working example:


    jax.php contains the following:


    echo "23|33|45|9900|27|77|".


    Replace the period with a semicolon. Hope it works for you.

  • apparently this bad file.

    Thanks for your attention

  • Sorry about that I uploaded the wrong file:

  • I have successfully made a example where I can save and load data via AJAX without a lot of events. I will be posting my results as soon as I have everything organised the way I want them.

  • Thanks master, I hope your work very attentive. from Chile

  • Online demo working:

    This is saving and loading from a database using one string.

  • English:B781rev excellent, very good work, I think everyone expected this. I get the impression that the values ??are returned is the same for any user. It is imperative that a user logs on and loaded the data. I think with that write history. The moderators were saying that php is not an issue, but you have proven that it is very important save and load data. No doubt this is the best post. My greetings and much respect for you

    Espanol :Exelente b781rev, muy buen trabajo, creo que todo el mundo esperaba esto. Me da la impresion que los valores que se devuelven es el mismo para cualquier usuario. Es imprescindible que un usuario inicie sesion y se carguen los datos correspondientes. creo que con eso escribiras historia. Los moderadores decian que php no es tema, pero usted ha demostrado que es muy importante lo de guardar y cargar datos. Sin duda este es el mejor post. Mis saludos y mucho respeto por usted.

  • Ok, I just gone done downloading the newest version and I was playing around with the input boxes and buttons. I made a program where you can login an account via AJAX with the forms on the game. I don't know if it's the most secure way to do it but it's just the point of it. It's awesome.

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