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  • When I go to export my game for Windows 8, it says to make sure my game has a description.

    How do I add a description?

    Is there anything I need to know before distributing it?

    And when distributing it to the Amazon Ape store, would I be able to fix my game if I needed to fix it or wanted to add on to it?

  • In your project tree on the right, click the top most folder (which has the name of your project).

    On the top left side should now be your project propperties, also your programs description.

    You can update your game once its hosted on stores likee google play, amazon, app store.

  • Great. Thanks. It worked. Now since I published it on the app store, where would I be able to check up on it? And to show others my game too and where they can buy it?

  • How do you mean checking up on it ?

    If you published it to the app store, it should have a statistics page.

    As to promoting, that would invovle using various social media platforms, informing followers and friends about the avilable games, and posting it on various forums and social sites.

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  • I might have exported it to the app store, but I just don't want to double export the same project.

    I only have Windows 7.

    Is there a way I can export it with the node web kit to sell or to share with friends?

    Or to do either on face book?


  • I may be mistaking, but as only a few hours had passed between your first 2 message, I have to ask. When you say you published it, you mean you send it on your dev account on the app store for submission, not just export from C2, right ?

    If you just exported it from C2, you can export it as many times as you like. It won't publish itself. And even if you sent the same game twice, they wouldn't accept both.

    You can export your game with node Webkit too, it will make you an exe file and then you can start selling it once you've got a distributor, or make a store online to sell it.

    I didn't get your last sentence. If you wanted to know if you could export it to facebook, yes you can. Just try it, it will build you the necessary files for submitting it onto facebook.

  • This answers my question. I think I just exported it from Construct 2. I didn't actually publish the game.

    Now all I'd like to do is publish my game to the app store. Or just share with friends on face book. And how would I do that?

  • You should ask a big friend of us all those questions : google... It's not that hard, and sure will be in the first page of results...

    Publishing on the Apple app store requires a dev account, so it's around 100€ I think (not sure right now), and then you can submit games, and hope they are accepted.

    On facebook it's free, but again, google and tutorials are the best to help you. Like this one.

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