pseudo 3d and how to make it?

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A well commented Pseudo 3D Racing game template to learn from or use as a base for your own game!
  • I'll just leave thi..

    Ehh what ever.

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  • Thanks newt Spriter looks awesome!

    Looks like he has some sort of flip-book for rotating things. It would help out in this situation a lot.

  • I did a stair like Dungeon and Dragons ( without any difficult...

    Also, you just need to resize the sprites in real time using code or Spriter, like newt referred.

  • I'm not familiar with Spriter. It looks amazing! How well does it integrate with C2?

  • I'm not familiar with Spriter. It looks amazing! How well does it integrate with C2?

    Hi Sebastian

    I think it is an official plugin now?

    Not sure how to access it though. I was going to play with Synfig tonight... I might give Spriter a run instead.

  • Sebastian hi my friend thanks for your help.i want to make something similar like blazing star's backround rotation only movement on x axis.pseydo3d effect.i dont want this image to reacts in my input controls (keyboard,touch) i want it to move like a huge .gif behind.

    the bad thing is that it takes alot of memory to achieve something decent at least.the backround in the video is at least 680*480 i think..if i render lets say 10-15 frames (cause less will be seem very laggy) such a resolution is a real killer.ive made it but its not worth it.cocoonjs sometimes dont even start it.

    and then the next disappointment...

    ah cocoonjs...ive put an ambient theme to start from the begining of the starts i was happy it lasts 2 seconds i get mad.and then the rest of sound effects (bullets etc) dont play in time they should.i delete the ambient sound and after that all was ok (and the sound effects play just fine).size of ambient sound 1mb .ogg

    But who cares i will finish the game and it will be the best in the world, aahh in the country,,nahh in the town?,no? in the village?in the neighborhood?...ok sorry i over react <img src="smileys/smiley13.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I was just playing the rom on my MAME cabinet. Pretty fun little game!

    They are using 3 layers only, and parallax scrolling.

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