proximity based volume [SOLVED] :)

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  • Ah I figured it out almost!

    every tick

    for each "emitter"

    distance < threshold

    trigger once

    / play

    every tick

    for each "emitter"

    distance > threshold

    trigger once

    / stop

    But when I copy different instances of the emitter, it only plays one instance of the audio, it's not emitting the same sound multiple times at the different sources.

  • Hmm, not too sure. If you post a simple, stripped down capx I'll take a look at it.

  • sqiddster

    I figured it out :)

    Here I made this little build for you to hear the proximity based area sounds. I took all the gameplay out all you can do is run around the level. Use arrow keys to move. Press space in the beginning to remove the platform.

  • Wow, that's really nice ! And the graphics are awesome! Glad the sounds worked for you, they really helped the atmosphere.

  • Cheers yeah, the audio is pretty essential in this game and working within the construct 2 audio limitations can be...tough. All I need now is panning, just simple panning :(

  • Haha, good luck with that!

  • I've got another challenge for you, volume based on speed.

    GameObject speed = 0 : stop "sound"

    GameObject speed > 0 : start "sound"

    set "sound" volume to GameObject speed : min -20db / max 0db + rate

    I'm sure it could be very similar to the proximity volume, I've been messing with it for an hour and had no luck so far

  • Something like this should work. Also, you can lerp the playback rate for a pretty interesting speed-up/slow-down effect.

    Object is Moving

    -->Trigger Once-->Start "sound" looping

    -->Set "sound" volume: lerp(-50, 0, Object.Speed/'yourObjectsMaxspeed)

  • Cool thanks, I've not learnt lerp.

    object.speed isn't anything that C2 can understand

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  • Lerp is pretty awesome, but I still don't totally understand it either! Sorry, I assumed you were using custom movement or one of the behaviours to move your sprite. If you have Custom Movement, you can say Sprite.CustomMovement.Speed,

  • ah my game is all physics driven

  • Did you solve this ?

    You can calculate a rough speed by taking the hypotenuse of the vectorx/vectory for the physics object.


    or distance(0,0,Thing.Physics.VectorX,Thing.Physics.VectorY)

    It's the only thing that's missing from the physics object is a general 'speed' variable that can be accessed, rather than having to calculate it each time. :)

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