How do I provide an accurate movement towards the playerSp.?

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  • I've been having problems on controlling the Player Sprite's animation when its coming to jumping from Right to left. Is there is a way to have a combination of keys for controlling the player or does it have to be applied in a different key bindings (which makes the game play a bit hard to keep up for Casual Players)? An example to that is provided in the link below: -


    Ask away if You want me to clarify it a bit further.



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  • I think I know what you are talking about. When you go right, you can press the up arrow as well and the character jumps. But when you are pressing left, the character doesn't jump when you press up arrow. This is really big problem I couldn't solve as well. It seems to be a hardware problem. Some keyboards can handle it and some others cannot...

  • Yeah, Its a common problem i reckon. But what I've seen on one of the tutes based on making a 2D platformer game that involves the jungle guy walking or jumping left or right without having much of a problem. As i scanned through the events and troubleshooted the problem on my side. Everything went smoothly ever since.Also, I found out that the animation doesn't go based on how you control the player sprite on the keyboard. But it relies on events (such as when the player collision box is moving it triggers the right movement animation or otherwise it will end up mirrored, jumping the animation tends to have 3 stages: the beginning jump, the mid jump (which stays on a looping stance), and finally the jumping down phase (which is applied when landing the player on the tile), landing or falling

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