Problems with porting events from Classic

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  • Or you can download the newest beta of Construct 2 (R86 or later), which implements or, else and while!

    It is a beta, so if you don't want to deal with that you'll have to wait for the next stable release. I couldn't try it out until I finished a project that was using R84, but I'm about to try it now.

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  • Uh... I've already done that, actually. That being said, "else" isn't compatible with the Function plugin, but that's not my main problem right now. *Points at my last post*

  • PROGRESS! Ashley has let me know that my suspicions were correct. Turns out that RotateAngle() is basically the same as C2's "Rotate towards angle" action, which required me to change some things and introduce a new 'angle sensor' purely for the sake of replacing the 'pvAngle' variable so I can take advantage of this.

    The result, as you can see in the .capx, isn't perfect, but it's getting there. The angle isn't spazzing out, but there seems to be some odd delay at times, which makes me suspect that there is indeed collision issues.

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