Problems to obtain the specific result

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  • Could be your gnumberblocks value is incorrect.

    Could be adding the is on screen to your for each subevent instead of on your top event would help.

    Could be there are numbers offscreen.

  • Thanks I'll check it and return here.

  • LittleStain

    I tried to do as suggested but didn't work. Can I send you a PM with the link to the game for you take a look? I don't want to disclose it publicly.

  • I can't promise you to be very quick with answering, I have a busy few days, but ofcourse I will have a look if you give me the link..

  • Hi LittleStain

    You watched the game?

  • Yes I watched the game.. looks great.. To help you with solving your problems it would be easier if instead of having to play the whole game you'd reduce the number of blocks created so the issue can be checked more easily.

    Playing the game I ofcourse have no idea how you have your events set up, but having to play for a long time before I get to where you say the problem is, doesn't help in determining what could be the cause for the problem.

  • Hi LittleStain

    I understand. Can I send you print-screen of the code referring to the part of the draw, distribution and control of cubes?

  • Ofcourse you can send it..

    If there aren't any other events that could be conflicting with these anywhere else in your event sheet, I could probably figure it out..

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  • Thank you

    Sent by PM.

  • At first glance the contaloop = randomNum is the issue.

    in the event gnumberblocks<3 there is no reference to randomnum or contaloop.

    Solution might be:

    add an action set randomnum to gnumberblocks

    and at the for each subevent set add 1 to contaloop.

    I'm not sure, but this could be the whole thing..

  • I did it:

    And not worked.

  • Maybe I'm being blind, but I don't see where you are changing gnumberblocks..

    so if it always stays the same it never is less than three..

  • New one with changes (didn't work too)


  • I didn't mean in this part of your event sheet. you are checking if gnumberblocks is less than three here, but there aren't any actions in the whole of your event sheet to change the value of gnumberblocks.

    when numberblocks are destroyed, gnumberblocks should change, but it doesn't as far as I can see.

    make a new textobject on your layout and every tick set its text to gnumberblocks. see if it changes, for if it doesn't that's the problem.

  • eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    You're definitely right. I who was totally blind. I had abandoned this script and forgot everything he had done. The game is working perfectly now.

    Thank you

    Now I can sleep peacefully again ;)

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