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  • Hi everyone

    I made my game and at the first there was no any problem but after that there was a problem

    the problem is at the first the game play as usual but after few minutes the fruits down terribly

    here is my game please check it and if any one know how I fix it help me thanks

    https: // w w w . dropbox . com/s/ euek02rpy6xz8nt/ New%20project.caproj

  • where? Please directly upload it, you can't link it at your rep level.

  • just break your url with a " "(space)

  • oooooooo finally submit

    direct upload need just 2 MB my project bigger I'll try to minimize it but still big

  • Please save your project as .capx.

    .caproj files are uncompressed and do not includes the files that you have imported (like images). Makes it impossible for us to open your project file

  • sorry for late but until finished the upload

    https :// w w w

  • I had a quick look and it seems that you are only destroying Sprite5, when you touch it with your smurf. So, if you miss it, it continues to fall down (even it is not on the layout).

    I would suggest to add an additional event to destroy the Sprite when it has left the layout on the bottom screen. This should keep your game run fine.

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  • when I add event sprite5 is outside the layout and action destroy

    it only once time fall just don't still down other type of fruite

  • hehe, because you generate the sprite outside of the layout

    This will fix it:

    Sprite5 compare Y value > 1280 (your layout height) -> Sprite 5 destroy

    EDIT: To be clear, the one above instead of your "if outside layout"

  • still the same problem

  • weird... mine works fine, you can download it here: ... sp=sharing

  • it's on a new version!!! if I update my old version does my game open?

    I afraid it will delete

  • Roro is a logic problem in your code.

    The problem is in your global variable "size", I did not understand what you intend to do with it, but when you create an object and sends subtract 25 from the "size". Below you created a condition of size < 900 and equal to 900 then the game loops because of it.

    I have disabled the part that subtracts in line 5 and your game and functioned normally. And so the line 6 was also disabled too.

    See ya

  • thanks all for your intrested

    & thanks Jastrazz it work correctly

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