Problem with deleted plugin

  • Hello, i have tried to create an plugin for my current Game. The Problem is that i have added it to my game and later i have deleted the plugin.

    Now, every time that i try to open my game project i became the error message that the plugin is missed.

    i have already tried to add another "blank" plugin with the same id but i take the same error message.

    what can i do? it is possible to "skip" the plugin test? i only like to remove them from my project.

  • There is a long winded way, but it can be tricky.

    If your project is a .capx, then unzip to a folder. This would give you all the project files.

    The .caproj file lists all the plugins that the project uses, so you should be able to get the plugin Id from there. You could then try to make a dummy plugin using it.

    Alternatively, you could try hacking all references from the .caproj and xml files in the Layout and Event sheets folders.

    Either way - not overly easy.

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  • You are my Hero! Thank you very much! And thanks for the real quick answer. ))

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