How do I Preview in a Window?

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  • I've not used C2 in about a year (maybe more?), but I'm a bit confused as to why the NW.js default setting for previewing is simply loading my project in Chrome as seems to be the default-default. Also, when I looked in the big-faq "How do I" and found something about exporting as .exe, I saw something that appeared to be a step behind where C2 was when I first bought it. What's going on with the Windows-side of C2? I know I've been gone since NW.js was still NodeWebkit, but have things really taken that sharp of a turn?

    Edit: I now see that the thread linked from the big list is old (though not sure why it's still referenced), so apologies for that, but the other issue remains a pain point.

  • nope it's the same.. NW.js is nodewebkit.

    node is basically a copy of chrome and exports to an exe.

    if you select Nw.js it will do a preview in Node not Chrome... 'default' is your system's default browser.

  • Yes, and as I'm saying, selecting "NW.js" as the "Default preview browser" is running my project in Chrome.

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  • Aha! Figured it out. The "Default preview browser" is merely for setting the preview browser for layouts going forward. Existing layouts (I was running samples to remind myself how to work with C2) are a property on the layout itself. Thanks for your help!

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