How to prevent different combinations?

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  • > I'd be more than willing to help, if helping didn't mean creating it for you..

    > I gave a very badly made example and all you did was add one event that didn't work as expected..


    > I was hoping to see your code and give some advice as to how to get closer to your objective..


    > So what you'd like to do is when sprite is overlapping another sprite, check if the sprite would fit.

    > All you would have to do is create conditions on drag and drop drop, to check these..

    > A rotated triangle won't fit inside a non-rotated square, etcetera..


    I don't ask for a project or example either. You did it because you wanted, and I just prepared the other example because you didn't understood what I'm looking for.

    I think I do understand what you are looking for..

    Good luck finding it..

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  • in some cases it is better to keep quiet, especially when we have nothing to add. If we do not know how to help someone, it is best to let others do it.

  • Hey guys. I still need a little help of my pals. ... .capx?dl=0

    I would like to know how to check if the player used a two triangles (with different angles) or a square to occupy a square mark. I need to know too how to snap the sprite on the mark independently the shape (square or triangle) and the angle.

    Thanks in advance

    *** A CAPX is not necessary. I just need to understand the logic.

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