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  • Is it possible to upload a game to my own website without having to put it in the arcade first? Or do I have to have it there to put it somewhere else?

  • just export it to another folder, then use FTP to upload it to your site. Probably the simplest way to include it in the site is to put the index.html file in an iframe.

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  • You could also try uploading to DropBox.

  • dropbox with the dropbox program installed on your computer is BY FAR the easiest way to test your apps in a "real site" kinda situation. As long as you dont need to request files from a website or use php or anythin its the fastest way to go.

    For those that dont know the dropbox program installed on your computer makes a folder on your computer that mirrors your dropbox online. It has the private folders and public folders just like using the website but its all on your computer with the standard windows interface.

    Wanna put an example on dropbox so ppl can see it? Make a new folder in your public folder and export straight from c2 to that folder... its (almost) immediately available to see in a browser. Just right click on the index.html and goto Dropbox -> Copy Public Link and then share that link with whoever you want to see it. Its that simple

    if only ftpbox worked that well =(

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